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Mighty Mike Lewis Memorial To Be Part of The Summer Six Pack Series

Breaking News!!

Breaking News!!


The Stand up for Cancer Jeremy Decourcy Memorial


Hudson Speedway

The Stand up for Cancer Jeremy Decourcy Memorial

Hudson, NH

With numerous tracks losing the battle this weekend to weather The Family Fun Track was able to beat the weather as fans and race teams gathered for the Stand Up for Cancer Jeremy Decourcy Memorial MLM Diagnostic Pure Stock 40 lap race and the Northeastern Midget Association (NEMA) Lites Jim O’Brien Memorial race; Sunday’s winners Michael Yeaton 25NH (Granite State Gun Range Six Shooters), Geoff Rollins 02 (Northeast Auto Imports Late Models), Jesse Jakubajtus 44 (NHSTRA Modifieds), Colton Martin 4 (MLM Diagnostic Pure Stocks), and Avery Stoehr 10 (NEMA Lites).

The Granite State Gun Range Six Shooters would have the privilege of being the first division to take to the track. Yeaton would take the win in the heat race followed closely by the “Gangster of Love” Steve Miller Jr. (79). Yeaton and Miller Jr. would lead the field to the green to start the feature. Yeaton would jump out to the lead at the drop of the green flag with Miller Jr. in tow. The caution would fly on lap 15 for the 17x of Trystin Bodwell running third at the time spun out entering turn one. Yeaton and Miller Jr. made up the front row once again with similar results as Yeaton wasted no time to get back out front followed closely by Miller Jr. and new third place runner the Space Cowboy Steve Miller Sr. (68). Yeaton taking his first win at Hudson this season with Miller Jr. in 2 nd and Miller Sr. in 3rd.

Northeast Auto Imports Late Models rolled onto the track next 21 cars ] strong going 40 laps with extra money on the line for the winner compliments of Catco Recycling and extra money from Bumpy’s Auto Service- Salem, NH for 2nd thru 6th. William Clement Jr. (33J), Robbie Streeter (55), and Chuck Dehney (33) were this week’s heat race winners. Clement Jr. and Streeter brought the field to the green with Clement Jr. darting out to the lead. The battle for 2nd and 3rd would heat up with Dehney working his way up to 2nd and Rollins to 3rd when the caution would fly on lap 5 for the 66K Kris Schroeder spinning out and the 8 John Sousa coming to a stop to avoid Schroeder. Clements Jr. went right back to the top spot but Rollins wasted no time to take over the 2nd spot. Justin Beecher (57) worked his way around Dehney for the 3 rd spot. Rollins took the top spot away from Clements Jr. on lap 11 and Beecher followed to take the 2nd spot. Lap 12 would see the caution fly again as Schroder spun entering turn 1. Rollins wouldn’t let this slow him down as he resumed right where he left off but the real action took place for the battle for third as Clements Jr. had a mirror full of Milton Durand (08) for a few laps. Then on lap 19 Clements Jr. started to follow slightly off the pace with a mad scramble for 3rd place resulting in Chris Riendeau (4VT) splitting Clements Jr. and Dehney to take sole possession of the 3rd spot! Lap 30 would see a caution flag fly as the lap car of Erik Smith (7) would make contact with the leader Rollins spinning them both out. Rollins was given his spot back due to the nature of the incident. Rollins maintained the top spot on the restart with the caution flying again on lap 32 for the spinning 33x of Daniel Palen. Rollins and Beecher would be set to do battle on the restart in what was shaping up to be an 8 lap shootout. Rollins would take the win followed by Beecher and Riendeau.

NHSTRA Modifieds were next on the track for 30 laps. Jakubajtus would set fast time in time trials gaining himself the pole position. He would be joined on the front row by Rollins who was doing double duty today. Jakubajtus would fly out to an early lead. The first caution of the race would fly on lap 13 for debris on the back stretch. Jakubajtus would have a new dance partner for the restart as Tyler Leary (2) had taken the 2nd spot from Rollins. Jakubajtus jumped out to the lead as Rollins made the pass on Leary for the 2nd spot. Lap 15 the caution flew again as the 24 of Scott Zilinski spun after making contact with Leary. Jakubajtus took the lead on the restart and never looked back as he took down the win with Rollins finishing 2nd and Leary 3rd.

The 40 lap Stand Up for Cancer Jeremy Decourcy Memorial MLM Diagnostic Pure Stock took to the track next. Martin and Chris Davis (16) took down the heat race wins earlier in the day and by this virtue would bring the field to the green. Davis jumped out to the early lead holding onto the top spot until lap 19 when the handling of the car started to go away allowing Martin to squeak by with the 14 of Nolan McClay in tow. Davis would settle into the third spot but would be pressured by defending MLM Diagnostic Pure Stock champion and rookie of the year Kayden Fisette (03) for most of the rest of the race before issues caused Fisette to drop back. Martin took the win with McClay in 2nd and Davis in 3rd.

The NEMA Lites rounded out the day’s events with the 50 lap Jim O’Brien Memorial race. Tiana Kibbe (94) and Dan Cuigini (16) captured heat race wins. Kibbe would start on the pole with Christopher Vose (3) on the outside. The 59 of Brayden Egan was the early race leader but the race would be slowed by a caution on lap 2 for the 35 of Isaiah Newcomb coming to a rest against the wall. But on the ensuing restart the 53 of Dylan Coutu would spin. Back to green flag racing would see Mike Pemesiglio (28) take over the top spot but it wouldn’t last long as the caution would fly for Drew Eldridge (55). On the restart Stoehr would take the lead never looking back. The caution would fly 3 more times but Stoehr was up for the challenge each time holding on to capture the win. Alby Ovitt (20) finished 2nd and Cuigini finished 3rd . At the end of the feature a scary accident occurred when Coutu made hard contact with the wall at track exit; he did get out of the car under his own power and we simply ask everyone to keep him in their thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Next on the schedule for Hudson Speedway is Sunday June 25 th with the change to evening hours with practice at 4pm and racing at 515pm. You will want to get there early as we expect a full house in the pits and stands with the 75 Lap Might Mike Memorial Battle of the Belt race for the Northeast Auto Imports Late Models! Also on the schedule are the MLM Diagnostic Pure Stocks, Black Flagged Podcast Ridge Runners, New England Pro Mini-Cup tour and the New England Dwarf Car Series.

Article Credit: Ryan Lawliss

Submitted By: Mark Beaudry

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